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masterlist : round 1 : 2011

With sign-up's due to start this coming week, your mods thought it would be a good idea to remind you all of the wonderful art and fiction that was a result of last years round! And hopefully to get you all inspired to sign up for round 2 as well!

i_reversebang masterlist : round 1 : 2011

art only

Art Link:: Better to Turn This Way
Artist: renisanz
Summary: The premise is that Fischer has a job for Ariadne, and the rest is pretty much open to the interpretation of the writer, with favoritism for either Fischer/Ariadne or Arthur/Ariadne.

art and fiction

Art Link: Strength
Artist: ruins_of_sodom

Fic Title: Undercurrent
Author: the_azure_blue
Pairing(s): Eames/Robert
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,000
Warnings: graphic sex, violence, disturbing imagery, dark themes
Summary: Due to all of his forgeries, Eames loses his identity. At a rather climatic moment, Robert realizes this and tries to help. Although he knows nothing about dream sharing, he knows one thing, that Eames trusts him, but will it be enough?

Art Link: Graffiti
Artist: aredblush

First Claim
Fic Title: You Clicked Your Heels and Wished For Me
Author: someidiothasice
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 9,342
Summary: This is nothing like the cartoons, or the post-its, or the clay figurines left for him like little prizes out of crackerjack boxes. This is special. This is personal, for the both of them.

Second Claim
Fic Title: Les enfants de grands chemins
Author: smaragdbird
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3204
Warnings: discussion of violence and murder.
Summary: Arthur has to go underground and since Eames can't find him, he leaves these notes in all of Arthur favourite places since he wants Arthur to contact him so that they can sort this out together.

Art Link: In This Corner
Artist: crotalus_atrox

Fic Title: Take a Good Swing at All My Dreams
Author: apiphile
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Eames, past Arthur/Eames, implied
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 28.8k
Warnings: This is a boxing AU, so there is some violence.
Summary: Disqualified amateur boxer and architecture grad student Ariadne is preparing for her first fight as an illegal pro, and encountering all kinds of unpleasant (and slightly happier) secrets and obstacles as the fight draws nearer.

Art Link: The Dog Days of Summer
Artist: adelaide_rain

Fic Title: The Dog Days of Summer
Author: kittie_gurl57
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, side Mal/Cobb, Ariadne/Fischer
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 22,154
Warnings: Swearing, lightly described violence
Summary: In which Homicide detective Arthur DeLacey is not pleased to find out he's going to have to work with Gang Violence detective James Eames on a high-profile case, but he ends up marrying him, anyway. Go figure.

Art Link: Inception Meets Dinosaur Comics, Or, A Series Of Comics Concerning Arthur, Ariadne, Yusuf, And Chiefly, Eames
Artist: xenakis_

Fic Title: Inception Meets Dinosaur Comics, Or, A Series Of Comics Concerning Arthur, Ariadne, Yusuf, And Chiefly, Eames
Author: lysythe
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/Yusuf
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3218
Warnings: none
Summary: Eames talks about his job, his family, his relationship with Arthur and the rest of the team, and other things.
Since this is entirely in the form of comics, the art post will contain all comics, while the fic post will be a text-only version.

Art Link: Half a Whole
Artist: shiroi_ten

Fic Title: Manderley
Author: delires
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Cobb, past Cobb/Mal, implied Arthur/Eames.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5,632
Warnings: Mild horror themes.
Summary: When Ariadne arrives at the home of her glamorous new husband, Dominic Cobb, she does not expect to find the house still choked with the memory of his dead wife, Mal. AU based on Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca.

Art Link: Sunrise
Artist: emlyn2

Fic Title: The cunning artifices of the wearer
Author: sirona_gs
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: ~4,300
Warnings: suit!porn
Summary: Arthur is not a petty kind of guy, he really isn't -- but a bet's a bet, and he can't wait to see Eames' gorgeous body draped to its every advantage. Besides, it would be a shame for all his beautiful choices to go to waste. He is not at all prepared for the way Eames takes to the experience.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: lady_fro / golden_hill

Fic Title: the fall before the push
Author: bob5fic
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Robert
Rating: R
Word Count: 3269
Warnings: Some sex. Mild violence. Kinda angsty.
Summary: There were a lot of times following the Fischer inception that Ariadne dreamt of her own accord. Most of these times, she dreamt about Robert Fischer.

Art Link: Like the Fist of an Angry Saito
Artist: koushi

Fic Title: Thirty Pieces of Silver
Author: kirstenlouise
Pairing(s): Nash/Saito, past Cobb/Nash
Rating: R
Word Count: ~11,000
Warnings: non-graphic violence, D/S, infidelity, spanking, intoxication-related impaired consent, swearing, non-graphic mentions of drug use
Summary: Three days after it happens, all of dreamshare knows that Dominick Cobb has been fucked over by his architect, who is now biding his time in one of Cobol Engineering’s holding cells. Those are the facts. But what no one can figure out is how a smartassed college drop-out like Nash managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the biggest brains in the business, all on his own—or so they thought.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: distracterisey

Fic Title: beauty of the beast
Author: kiyala
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: 20,618
Warnings: alternate universe, violence, brief mentions of sex
Summary: When Eames takes on a job from Cobb to shape shift as his daughter, he knows that this will be interesting. When he's told that he'll be playing prisoner to the wicked beast in the castle just outside of the town, he isn't sure what to expect. He doesn't expect to find Arthur, a bitter ex-hunter who is still struggling to come to terms with his curse, and he definitely doesn't expect to fall for a man who refuses to believe in love.

Art Link: Render
Artist: neomeruru

Fic Title: Render
Author: ilovetakahana
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/Saito mentioned
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: roughly 4,600 words
Warnings: Mention of PTSD, dream-torture, descriptions of domestic and sexual abuse [spousal and child abuse], sociopathy. BDSM themes including mentions of knife play, shibari, and a complete D/s scene that includes spanking, use of toys, and bondage - and aftercare.
Summary: For Eames, pain is a coin that always has two sides. He remembers the pain of dying, of fighting in wars, of being tortured. But he forgets it all, he blanks it all out, because the other side of pain is pleasure. And Arthur knows just how to make the pain go away.

Art Link: Eames piggybacks an injured-but-still-BAMF!Arthur
Artist: cosmiko_ling

First Claim
Fic Title: Like The Bullet Under Your Skin
Author: withlightning
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 9,900
Warnings: None.
Summary: It’s an emergency plan, or like Arthur likes to say, continuity plan, which is exactly the same as emergency plan to Eames; equivalent to plan B. The point is, they both mean the same: they’re fucked unless they come up with something. (Also know as the story about easily-won trust, love gone pear-shaped and the hardship of growing up. And bullets – lots and lots of bullets.)

Second Claim
Fic Title: This Is Your Idea Of Inconspicuous?
Author: shaemichelle
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames implied
Rating: PG - 13
Word Count: 5 000
Warnings: Mild Violence, Some Coarse Language
Summary: Eames hoped, for the first time in his entire life, that maybe his totem was lying. Real. This was real. He wanted, with every inch of his being, for this to be a nightmare, a dream and a fallacy. He'd always imagined waking up next to Arthur Boucher, and while handcuffs had come into the mental equation before, he'd never figured it quite like this. And it'd never been real before.

Art Link: Jack of Hearts
Artist: birddi

Fic Title: Jack of Hearts
Author: phenylic
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,419
Warnings: Alternate Universe.
Summary: He reviews what he knows about Arthur—Arthur Darling, 26, photographed outside Starbucks, photographed inside Starbucks, grande Americano, no sugar, a splash of half and half. How terribly uncreative and unrepentantly American.

Art Link: Nolanesque Prestige
Artist: go_hedgehog

Fic Title: The Turn
Author: taurenova
Pairing(s):Arthur/Eames, Dom/Mal
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~6.800
Warnings: Link goes to AO3.
Summary: Arthur Darling would do a lot for his business partner but he’d always found somewhere to draw the line.
There was, however, nothing he wouldn’t do for La Dame Mallorie Des Ombre.

Art Link: The Knowledge Jar
Artist: howifall

Fic Title: The Knowledge Jar
Author: velvetmouse
Pairing(s): Gen, featuring Ariadne, Arthur and Eames
Rating: PG for occasional language
Word Count: ~4300
Warnings: none
Summary: It was supposed to be an easy job. Why do they never turn out that way?

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: petitecamomille

Fic Title: My Yesterdays In Front Of Me
Author: fae_boleyn
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,565 (6,494 without the song quote)
Warnings: Limbo!fic at the end.
Summary: Arthur had a good reason for walking out on Eames, really, he did. But he can't ever tell him, because how could he explain the things he sees, the things he knows, when all it'll do is make him sound crazy?

Art Link: Mal With the Black Eyes
Artist: incandescent

Fic Title: Lost Child
Author: eustacia_vye28
Pairing(s): Mal/Robert, references to Mal/Cobb
Rating: R
Word Count: 4,300
Warnings: Explicit Violence, Gore
Summary: Robert is a poor substitute for Dom, but right now, he's what I've got to work with. I've always been one to make the most of any situation, and this won't be any different.

Art Link: Arthur is a Stripper
Artist: hellpenguin

Fic Title: Unwrapped
Author: thursday_kat
Pairing(s): Eames/Arthur
Rating: R
Word Count: 8,760
Warnings: None
Summary: AU. What was supposed to be a simple con gets complicated when Arthur shows up unexpectedly and gets hired as a stripper. Eames is confused and Arthur is better than he has any right to be.

Art Link: The Mind Inside The Pointman
Artist: birddi

Fic Title: The Paradox Job
Author: croik
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames (main), Arthur/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 33.7k
Warnings: graphic sex, graphic violence, addiction, non-con fantasy (spoiler: Arthur forces himself on his projection!Eames)
Summary: Canon-verse origin story, how Arthur became a pointman. The first time Arthur shared dreams, he died a horrible death. Two weeks later he was addicted: to dreams, to power, to freedom, and to that stubborn bastard, Eames.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: vanessa0504

Fic Title: Watch Me Fall
Author: nozenfordaddy
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3416
Warnings: None
Summary: The difference between love and desire is just a matter of degrees of something that he refuses to think about.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: dwn1s0ul

Fic Title: Cause I Can't See the Sun
Author: sour_idealist
Pairing(s): Mal/Cobb; Arthur+Mal friendship, Arthur+Ariadne+Eames friendship
Rating: PG
Word Count: 7100
Warnings: Extensive swearing, mentions of suicide & comas
Summary: When she wakes, it's to rows upon rows of sleeping strangers and no sign of anyone else awake.

Art Link: After hours, at the detective agency
Artist: froggie

Fic Title: These Days are Strange, it’s True (If looks could kill)
Author: snoozing_kitten
Pairing(s): Eames/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,450
Warnings: Murder, D/s-y themes, light gunplay
Summary: Arthur is given a job he probably shouldn’t take, but where would the fun be in that? Murder, the mob, dirty cops, hidden identities, and one positively filthy cop, it’s all in a day’s work for a private dick.

Art Link: Collar grabbing
Artist: heavenly_rain

Fic Title: Can't Stop Feeling
Author: queenofinfinite
Pairing(s): Eames/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6112
Warnings: None
Summary: The problem, Arthur thinks, is Eames. Eames is smart and funny and absolutely ridiculous. Eames doesn't toe the line. Eames lives for explosions, for exhilaration, for the thrill of the con. And that would be totally fine, if Arthur didn't have to deal with the fallout every single time. And matter it wouldn't matter so much, too, if he wasn't so damn enamoured with the man. He must be mad, he thinks. But then they all are. Cue guns, shooting, befuddled marks, angst and sex.

Art Link: ""
Artist: nami86

First Claim
Fic Title: Arthur's No Good, Rotten, Quite Frankly F*****g Awful Day
Author: kore_rising
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Arthur
Rating: NC-17/M
Word Count: 5424
Warnings: None
Summary: Arthur has a bad day. An extremely bad day.

Second Claim
Fic Title: Countdown
Author: nozenfordaddy
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Arthur
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3253
Warnings: None
Notes: Much thanks to my betas various and sundry of you - you know who you are; and to nami86 for the wonderful art that inspired this.
Summary: He does the math without actually thinking about it to be honest, so he isn’t waiting for her to come back.

Art Link: fire up the gondola, mr. eames
Artist: onthecount

Fic Title: Baciami
Author: eleveninches
Pairings: Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3,800 words
Warnings: None
Summary: Alternate universe. Eames the gondolier meets Arthur the thief.

Art Link: That is not how that song is supposed to sound
Artist: crotalus_atrox

Fic Title: Hey, Mr. Pointman, Play a Song for Me
Author: forgerness
Pairing(s): Established Cobb/Eames, Arthur/Cobb
Rating: R
Word Count: 12,500
Warnings: Fluff and comedy, some tomfoolery, infidelity, one short scene that has some dub-con elements
Summary: Pre-Inception, pre-Mal. Outside of extraction, Cobb is a lonely man, with little excitement in his life besides the occasional croissant and Eames, who is intent on being the center of Cobb’s life.
One night, the streets of Paris are filled with the sound of (poorly played) guitar, and Cobb is reunited with his former point man after a separation of ten years. When Eames leaves for a job and Cobb starts spending all of his time with Arthur, his life is thrown into confusion as he tries to figure out if what he has is what he really needs.

Art Link: Untitled (NSFW)
Artist: platina

Fic Title: Any Eventuality
Author: starlingthefool
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17 like whoa
Word Count: 8000
Warnings: BDSM, with consensual violence, verbal humiliation, bondage, and begging. Features a submissive Eames who doesn't like to be penetrated, and a dominant Arthur that really, really does.
Summary: People assume that Eames likes to be in perfect control of everything: how he presents himself to the world, how others see him, how an extraction goes down. That's true, mostly. Sometimes. The reality is more complicated.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: blackboggart

Fic Title: Coming In (On a Wing)
Author: renne
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: ~9700
Warnings: WWII North Africa fighter pilot AU with some small historical handwavey, references to RL WWII pilots.
Summary: In which Arthur and Eames are RAF pilots in North Africa during 1942 and Eames realises that everything he thought about Arthur was wrong, or: The Tale of Eames: Ace of the Desert, Man of Deering-do and Mystery.

Art Link: Stumbling across a bleak ending
Artist: loobeeinthesky

Fic Title: The Road Less Travelled
Author: cthonical
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 9,000 words
Warnings: none.
Summary: You don't live long in the Capital Wasteland by making stupid mistakes. It only takes Eames a few days on the rough road to Megaton to remind Arthur that you don't get far not taking chances, either.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: min_taiwan

First Claim
Fic Title: Once Upon a Time in a Dream
Author: koushi
Pairing(s): Cobb/Saito, past Cobb/Mal
Rating: PG-13 (eventual NC-17)
Word Count: 3492
Warnings: Murder, canon character death, frontier gibberish.
Summary: Ex-gunslinger Dominick Cobb is a wanted outlaw framed for his wife’s murder. Despite the fact that he hasn’t carried a gun in years, Cobb evades authorities in a haphazard quest for revenge. But when a way out of the fugitive lifestyle is offered to him in the form of a job, he has no choice but to acknowledge his former identity and end his years of pacifism.

Second Claim
Fic Title: Proud Flesh
Author: templemarker
Pairing(s): Saito /Cobb
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3000
Warnings: -
Summary: Western AU. Apologies for anachronisms and indistinct historicism. Beta by E & J.

Art Link: Lost In Their Homes
Artist: fae_boleyn

Fic Title: Untitled
Author: accio0greatness
Pairing(s): Established Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Ariadne, Arthur/Eames/Fischer, PREDOMINATELY ARIADNE/SAITO/ROBERT
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Summary: And this lusting, this yearning, this incompleteness that haunts them? Classic Someone Effect. Arthur and Eames leave their impression everywhere.

Art Link: "In Her Wake"
Artist: renisanz

Fic Title: "Moments"
Author: nessismore
Pairing(s): Arthur/Ariadne
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5,268
Warnings: None.
Summary: Sometimes Arthur needs to be reminded to stop and enjoy what's around him.

Art Link: Bury The Castle
Artist: livelikejack

Fic Title: To Build A Dream On
Author: toujourspret
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Mal, Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,054
Warnings: None
Summary: An active imagination is a powerful thing.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: adelaide_rain

Fic Title: Guys, It's Rated PG-13
Author: crytam
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, Robert/Ariadne, Cobb/Mal (sneak Arthur/Merlin from Merlin! Hehehe)
Rating: Pg-13 to light R?
Word Count: 13,048
Summary: Arthur and Ariadne are actors trying to trick the public into believing that they are a couple for their newest romantic comedy film, Hoagies and Pie. Eames is the actor who’s playing the Ariadne’s jealous boyfriend in the film. But when he acts jealous in public and interrupts Arthur and Ariadne’s attempts, is it really an act? And if real, who is he really jealous of?

Art Link: untitled
Artist: keelain aka ap421

Fic Title: You've Seen How I Live.
Author: sour_idealist
Pairing(s): Ms. Eames/Abby, Mal Cobb, Dom Cobb, OCs [Genderbent!Eames, Genderbent!Arthur]
Rating: R
Word Count: 17,500
Warnings: R, sex, violence, swearing, references to past drug abuse, withdrawal, and prostitution, out-of-pairing domestic abuse (between OCs).
Summary: none supplied

Art Link: Dom/Mal & Arthur/Eames Teardrop
Artist: almostgaby

First Claim
Fic Title: love is a doing word
Author: traincar
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames & Dom/Mal
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 9,400
Warnings: None.
Summary: mallorie cobb plays a pivotal role in her own demise. she is lovely and deceitful and too curious for her own good, particularly after arthur and eames spend a lifetime in limbo. maybe all she wants is what they have, even if they don't want it for themselves.

Second Claim
Fic Title: Feathers on my Breath
Author: ifeelbetter
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,986
Warnings: none
Summary: This is who they were before Mal jumped.

Art Link: Into the Fray
Artist: red_rahl

First Claim
Fic Title: The First and Simplest Emotion
Author: cherry_road
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 9,080
Warnings: One non-human in a human world. Illegal things, as if that was to be unexpected in this fandom. Some mild gore and minor character death.
Summary: But Eames—if Eames were to find out about Arthur the Android, and Arthur almost snorted at the alliteration, if Eames were to find out... Well, Arthur would miss moments like this.

Second Claim
Fic Title: Landry
Author: vattelapesca
Pairing(s): Gen; or Arthur/Eames implied, if you squint
Rating: R for language and violence
Word Count: 5023
Warnings: Explicit violence
Summary: The mark this time was his teammate once, back when he was still Arthur Landry.

Art Link: Art Master Post
Artist: aredblush

Fic Title: Forever in All Direction
Author: sevenwindows
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: 4110
Summary: One of Energia's scientists is a little difficult and Ground Control is a thankless task.
A Moon AU, only not exactly the same moon.

Art Link: let's get messed up and listen to probably the best mixtape i have
Artist: sketchofsoda

Playlist link: Hearing the best that I've heard (
Creator: merle_p

Fic Title: (It seems to me that I'm definitely) Hearing the best that I've heard
Author: merle_p
Pairing(s): Arthur/Cobb
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6859
Warnings: (mostly) preslash, misunderstandings, and musical eclecticism
Summary: Arthur makes mix tapes. Dom is oblivious. Both are old-fashioned and possibly emotionally stunted.

Art Link: I'll Keep You By My Side
Artist: brevanna03

Fic Title: Something Like a Hero
Author: acidpop25
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Mal with background Arthur/Eames and Mal/Cobb
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,532
Warnings: Possible mental illness triggers.
Summary: In which Ariadne can move things with her mind, Mal is still alive, and both of these things are a problem.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: fae_boleyn

Fic Title: Only in the Storms
Author: yanethyrael
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5,212
Warnings: n/a
Summary: Street kids have a bad rep and always have. So when Ariadne needs help, there's only one person she can ask.

Art Link: Can't stop staring at Arthur
Artist: heavenly_rain

Fic Title: Sing the Doldrums, Sharp and Bright
Author: dipenates
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: 6100
Warnings: Talks, in a non-explicit way about child abuse, which is perpetrated by the bad guys, and not by our heroes.
Summary: Sometimes the hardest part was finding a way inside. A story about an arms dealer, a media magnate, and love.

Art Link: Smoke-Filled Dream
Artist: koushi

Fic Title: The Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
Author: bookshop
Pairing(s): all permutations of Mal/Dom/Saito
Rating: R
Word Count: 5,500
Warnings: mindfuckery, dark themes, mild descriptions of graphic imagery, mild dubious consent
Summary: Mal becomes Orpheus to save Dom, or maybe just to save herself.

Art Link: King Eames and his servant Arthur
Artist: kelrositymick

Fic Title: The Throws of the Throne (More Than the Crown)
Author: starfleet
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, mentioned Mal/Cobb
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~8.3k
Warnings: mentions of abuse (nothing too strong), sex (nothing to explicit) and basically Eames being a jerk.
Summary: In which Eames is a king, Arthur's his servant, Ariadne is his mistress, Mal is queen of the neighboring country, Dominic is his over-exuberant younger brother who's in love with Mallorie and Yusuf might just be the most kickass Duke ever.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: platina

Fic Title: Don't Write Me Love Songs
Author: janonny
Pairing(s): Eames/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 18,000+
Warning: Sex between a high school nurse and a sixteen-year-old student, swearing. (Full warnings before the fic.)
Summary: Getting his high school nurse to see him as something more than just another student was never going to be easy. However, Eames was nothing if not determined.

Art Link: Arthur: Panda Bear
Artist: bluelittlepig

Fic Title: Cigarettes and Trojan Horses
Author: penandthistle
Pairing(s): Hinted Ariadne/Eames, unrequited Ariadne/Yusuf, and past Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 8,622
Warnings: A fight scene, some silly pranks, an ill-fitting metaphor
Summary: Amusement park AU inspired by Adventureland, in which Yusuf gets sucked in by Eames to work at Proclus Playland because Eames needs someone to save him from his evil ex-boyfriend, Arthur.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: jazzyjinx

Fic Title: Throw My Ticket out the Window
Author: aerographie
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~10,300
Warnings: None.
Summary: Arthur has always tried to keep business and pleasure separate, but nothing's ever simple when it comes to Eames.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: cunning_croft

Fic Title: Wanna Go For A Ride?
Author: sandie_eggo
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,925
Warnings: None
Summary: Arthur is being difficult so Ariadne decides to take him for a ride and a picnic.

Art Link: Roughing
Artist: neomeruru

First Claim
Fic Title: Light the Lamp
Author: somnacin_addict
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, Dom/Mal, suggested Ariadne/Yusuf
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20223
Warnings: sports violence, sex, language, mentions of homophobic slurs.
Summary: Two forces collide with one another on the ice, and things quickly go from heated to outright flaming. The result is enough to make any great zamboni driver want to quit.

Second Claim
Fic Title: All the Right Moves
Author: queenofinfinite
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/Robert (side)
Rating: R
Word Count: 6772
Warnings: The F-bomb never gets old. Also, gratuitous violence, just so you know.
Summary: According to Arthur Janowitz, age 18, love is a bitch. He’s never been laid, and apart from sleazy drug runner Nash, has never had a proper boyfriend. Eames is buff and Mr. Popular and is basically everything Arthur has ever wanted. There’s just one small problem. Okay, maybe several. They both play hockey, which is great, just that Eames is Proclus. Arthur is Cobol. And Eames – has Arthur ever mentioned he is a fucking jerk? No? Well, now you know.

Art Link: O for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention
Artist: elanorofcastile

First Claim
Fic Title: We Can Replace You
Author: recrudescence
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 18,300
Warnings: Gunplay, rough sex, dub-con elements, major character death, torture, mentions of suicide.
Summary: There was something a mark had demanded of Eames when she realized she’d been the victim of an extraction: "Why bother living when your brain’s been rummaged through like a goddamn toy chest?" She’d turned the gun on herself rather than Eames, who had been young and green and out of his depth, but the incident had lodged itself in his mind forever.

Second Claim
Fic Title: disguise fair nature with hard-favoured rage
Author: 1001cranes
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:
Warnings: Off-screen main character death.
Summary: Eames is beginning to realize how greatly he underestimated Arthur, or perhaps overestimated Cobb. He was so convinced Arthur was propping Cobb up — keeping him going, keeping him in line — he never realized how greatly Cobb was holding Arthur back, and that, perhaps, all original evidence to the contrary, it was Arthur who needed Cobb, and not the other way around.

Art Link: Mon Dieu, Mr. Eames
Artist: katy_romance

First Claim
Fic Title: Frankie Says (Get Your Shit Together, You Emotionally Constipated Jackass)
Author: tourdefierce
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4000
Warnings: Cursing, Sex, Violence, Crack/Humor and Ariadne being awesome at all things.
Summary: Eames learns that Arthur knows how to say Slurpee in French... among other things.

Second Claim
Fic Title: Tramontane
Author: recrudescence
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,400
Warnings: barebacking, improper use of a necktie, Arthur being an oblivious dweeb, translations in mouseover
Summary: There are things for which Arthur’s life doesn’t allow, things that Eames makes him forget each time the two of them end up devouring dreams and each other when work causes them to meet. He can’t keep traversing the world like this, occasionally crossing paths with this dangerous, unreliable, sharp-witted man who plays hopscotch with other people’s identities and plucks grenades from his pockets like they’re candy.

Art Link: The Adventures of Paisley Man and Suit Lad in Dreamland
Artist: chibifukurou

Fic Title: Action! Adventure! Certain Death! Paisley!
Author: jibrailis
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG
Word Count: 7,522
Warnings: None.
Summary: Readers, watch in awe as Paisley Man and Suit Lad battle the evil League of Four! Clap your hands at the marvels and delights witnessed by our brave heroes! Strive as they strive! Love as they love! (Pulp fiction superhero fic for great justice!)

Art Link: Just Like Yesterday
Artist: woobie

Fic Title: Sea Legs
Author: beanarie
Pairing(s): Eames/Mal
Rating: hard R
Word Count: ~10,000
Warnings: This story includes a rape scene between a primary character and an OC. While I made every effort to portray the act and its aftermath with sensitivity and respect, it's sure to be incredibly triggery.
Summary: A few seconds later, she realizes that she implied a claim on him. But he hasn't said anything, and her mouth is too busy to take back some thoughtless little tease. AU

Art Link: A scar
Artist: ellegen

Fic Title: ?ta
Author: coldthermistor
Pairing(s): Arthur/Cobb
Rating: R (PG-13 for the first and last fic)
Word Count: 42,050 words (12,537 , 16,469, 13,044)
Warnings: Violence. The R is just there for violence.
Summary: Arthur meets Cobb by complete chance. A series that goes from pre-Inception to post-Inception. Elements of chance, determinism, possible fatalism, Indian philosophy and questions if what is happening in the fic is really happening. Mild Arthur/Cobb throughout.

Art Link: the one that used to be something about nymph!Arthur, except the artist realised that nymphs are usually females (in other words, the total fail on her part) and thus decided to change this to a simpler "Eames first meets Arthur by a waterfall"
Artist: cosmiko_ling

Fic Title: Nothing But a Figment of My Imagination
Author: sobota
Pairing(s): none, Eames-centric, with appearances by Arthur, Ariadne and Cobb.
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 3754
Warnings: implied violence
Summary: Eames dreams of Arthur years before he meets him. Apologies to Doctor Who, especially for the episode "Silence in the Library".

Art Link: Love out of line
Artist: paperflower86

Fic Title: The Third Time
Author: jikeidannin
Pairing(s): Arthur /Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8224
Warnings: D/s themes, language, sex.
Summary: Arthur thought he was hiding it, but Eames is smarter than that.

Art Link: Overprotected
Artist: helenorvana

Fic Title: Overprotected
Author: enchantress0223
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/Arthur/Eames
Rating: R for language and violent content. One bonus scene is rated NC-17 and clearly marked as such.
Word Count: ~12,000
Warnings: violence
Summary: Ariadne gets more than she bargained for when she volunteers to carry Arthur and Eames' baby.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: solitudeinherk

Fic Title: It's Not the Fall That Will Kill Us (It's the Landing)
Author: i_m_pk
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Arthur
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3000
Warnings: Angst
He slipped his business card, just a first name and a phone number on textured ivory card stock, discreetly into her carry-on as they deplaned, knowing she was smart enough to call if she was in danger.
She called.
There wasn’t any danger.

Art Link: Surveillance
Artist: emlyn2

Fic Title: The Only Thing You Have to Fear
Author: sobota
Pairing(s): Gen; Arthur, Eames
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3137
Warnings: None
Summary: "Think of it as an apprenticeship. You get hands on experience, and we get some fresh thinking out in the field."
Arthur shifted in his seat. "What do I have to do?" he asked finally.
(1950's Espionage AU)

Art Link: Losing Buildings (the one in which Arthur builds and Cobb watches. and things are falling apart into glass, metal, and nothingness)
Artist: amorpheous

Fic Title: Drosophila
Author: sperrfeuer
Pairing(s): Cobb/Arthur (slightly Eames/Arthur, former Dom/Mal)
Rating: R
Word Count: 5044
Warnings: dark, angst, h/c, drug abuse, in-dream suicide, violence, self-harm
Summary: Standby-mode is over; self-destruction is on; Long-term Somnacin abuse makes Arthur forget about himself (and all he ever wanted to be).

Art Link: Limbo of vanity
Artist: loobeeinthesky

Fic Title: Sing a Song of Sixpence
Author: darjeelinger
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: 9,312
Warnings: Psychological trauma, violence, some gore, dark themes
Summary: Eames's ability to forge is his totem. But when that fails, things start to unravel.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: solitudeinherk

Fic Title: Shades of White (Beyond Their White Picket Fence)
Author: semicoloned
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: ~6000
Warnings: Profanity, some sexual content, dark themes, angst, schizophrenia.
Summary: Dom and Mal may have dreamt up a world of their own, but there were two people before them that tried it first.

Art Link: Papillon
Artist: datingwally

First Claim
Fic Title: Butterfly Day
Author: avocado_love
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 29k
Warnings: Violence, language which may be offensive, Spoiler: main character death.
Summary: A split in a disturbed mark's mind leads to two different fates for Arthur and Eames. How much difference can a single decision make? (A story where they fall in love, and a story where they don't. But things still just might turn out okay in the end anyway.)

Second Claim
Fic Title: Feel Love Before It's Gone
Author: semmy
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R, for violence
Word Count: 10,5k
Warnings: Violence, off screen character death (non-major)
Summary: Eames and Arthur deal with chaos theory, emotional baggage and a job that could only be said to have gone wrong if one didn't count the fact that it was rotten from the start.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: kehrilyn

Fic Title: With Regard to the Shadowboxers
Author: weatherfront
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: 17,000
Warnings: None
Summary: Arthur and Eames sabotage each other's jobs-- until they can't anymore. Or: How Arthur and Eames Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Their Own Form of Social Capital.

Art Link: Untitled (#118)
Artist: distracterisey

First Claim
Fic Title: The Way Our Chemicals Collide
Author: kyasuriin
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~17k
Warnings: None
Summary: When Eames meets Arthur in their introductory lab course, he immediately wants to get into those well-fitted trousers. Of course, to seduce Arthur is to think like Arthur which explains why Eames ends up creating an experiment on his favourite subject after cheese (he's already written many a lab report on the bacterial properties of cheese) - Arthur.

Second Claim
Fic Title: How to Put the Fun in Dysfunctional
Author: hipokras
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames | Ariadne/Yusuf if you squint
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,695
Warnings: None
Summary: MIT AU. Featuring Arthur as the first-year grad student, Eames as his brilliant, but unpredictable boss, working with the gossipy Ariadne and the all-knowing Yusuf, and Mal, who has the patience of the saints. Walk into the rockiest twenty-four hours of Arthur's life, as his first re-encounter with Eames lights a torch he hadn't known he was holding.

Art Link: Red Thread (dreams and reality and wishes. destiny/fate has plans. Arthur fights them, Cobb tries to figure them out.)
Artist: amorpheous

Fic Title: All Roads Lead to You
Author: epicflailer
Pairing(s): Arthur/Cobb
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5061
Warnings: Mild violence
Summary: Post-Inception. After a job goes wrong, Arthur and Cobb have to deal with the fall out. Sliiiiiiiiight crossover with TSN.

Art Link: Untitled BAMFs in love pic
Artist: datingwally

Fic Title: Anybody With a Heart Votes Love
Author: epistolic
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames.
Rating: NC-17.
Word Count: 9,344.
Warnings: Violence.
Summary: Sin City!AU. Arthur is a whore; Eames can't help himself. This is a story about desire. Eames/Arthur, slash, One-Shot.

Art Link: Inception Godfather Trailer
Artist: almostgaby

Fic Title: Of Family, Favours and Dreams
Author: gemnoire
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, Dom/Mal
Rating: R
Word Count: 9,582
Warnings: Some violence, casual homophobia and sexism
Summary: As with so many things, it all started with a favour. A favour and an on-going feud between two criminal families, which eventually may lead to Cobb making it back home to his family and his wife. If he survives. (60s-ish Inception/Godfather AU)

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: cunning_croft

Fic Title: Lovesongs
Author: plumerri
Pairing(s): Ariadne/Eames
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,278
Warnings: None
Summary: Modern day AU. In which Eames fights, and Ariadne fights back.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: paperflower86

Fic Title: 1-UP
Author: cs_whitewolf
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames (established), Cobb/Ariadne (non-established)
Rating: PG-13.
Word Count: 35,000approx.
Warnings: Temporary Character Death.
Summary: Fischer's found out about the Inception Job.
In an elaborate attempt at revenge on the team that infiltrated his mind, Fischer has them kidnapped and forced into doing an extraction job for him. Only, when they enter the dream, it’s to find that Fischer has sent them into a world very much in likeness to that of… the Super Mario Brothers?!
What starts off as fun and games soon morphs into a terrifying race against time as the team hurry to complete each level in their quest to save their princess and fight the monstrous creature keeping her captive at the end!

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: kairosx

Fic Title: This Above All: To Thine Ownself Be True
Author: five_of_five
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 13,174
Warnings: Abuse of the classics, kidnapping, light bondage sex, strong language
Summary: The story of one room, two people and a fuck-load of issues

Art Link: Aerial Battle
Artist: bluelittlepig

Fic Title: Everybody Here is a Cloud
Author: sinuous_curve
Pairing(s): Arthur/Ariadne/Eames
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3200
Warnings: None
Summary: It's not always about work. Sometimes it can be fun.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: shiroi_ten

Fic Title: Breaking Temper
Author: kunstundtechnik
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, background Cobb/Mal, implied Arthur/Mal and Eames/Robert
Rating: R
Word Count: 22k
Warnings: Violence and Institutional bullying
Summary: Arthur doesn't dare disturb the universe. Robert Fischer does. Based on the novel The Chocolate War, by Robert Cormier"

Art Link: [Untitled]
Artist: pseudonc

Fic Title: Blues in A Minor
Author: twenty_til_12
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames; implied Arthur/Ariadne and Arthur/Ariadne/Eames.
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,469
Warnings: Sex, somewhat explicit.
Summary: A prohibition-era AU. Eames and Arthur, long-time partners in the business of extractions, find themselves over their heads with what should have been a simple job.

Art Link: Masquerade
Artist: dumbimps

First Claim
Fic Title: when you're fighting you feel all right
Author: 1001cranes
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, though mainly gen, with a touch of Cobb/Ariadne/Yusuf
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,800
Warnings: None
Summary: In which Arthur is a sociopath, Ariadne has always wanted a pony, Eames may or may not have stolen a million dollars worth of diamonds, Yusuf is amused, and Cobb tries to figure out where team-building exercises went so dreadfully wrong.

Second Claim
Fic Title: Across the endless sea
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,100
Warnings: None
Summary: Arthur finds himself in a crowded ballroom with no memory of how he got there.

Art Link: On the Deck
Artist: forgerness

Fic Title: Every Normal Man Must be Tempted
Author: acquiescence_
Pairing: Eames/Yusuf
Rating: R
Word Count: 6,300
Warnings: Underage!Eames, Piracy
Summary: Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats - H.L. Mencken

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: ravurian

Fic Title: the red lantern
Author: veritas_nescio
pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 4,136
Warnings: none
Summary: It's almost impossible to find your way home if an architect hasn't designed the layers, but having someone looking for you helps immensely.

Art Link: The Stray
Artist: johanirae

First Claim
Fic Title: it's a dog's life
Author: starfleet
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 13.5K words
Warnings: cursing, sex, etc
Summary: One of Yusuf's experiments go wrong and as always, Arthur is getting the worst of it. Or wherein, Arthur is a dog and has to live with Eames.

Second Claim
Fic Title: Lasso
Author: foxxcub
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: 8000 words
Warnings: --
Summary: There’s nothing at all unusual about the place where Eames pretends to live a normal, everyday life, until the morning Eames steps outside to grab the paper and finds a lovely Golden Retriever sitting on his front porch, which isn’t strange in and of itself. There are plenty of dogs in the area.
It’s the rumpled Armani suit the Retriever’s sitting on that gives Eames pause.

Art Link: Almost Dawn
Artist: milenaa

Fic Title: I Will Hold The Morning For You
Author: gelbwax
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: 3570
Warnings: Violence, language, OC character death
Summary: Arthur's had terrible days, but this one makes all those others seem like cake walks. He'll be fine, as long as he makes it to the roof before daylight.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: dirty_darella

Fic Title: Take Me Apart (Piece by Piece)
Author: cathenian
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 12 500.
Warnings: Sex and minor character death.
Summary: Arthur's never been sure of people's motives. He feels like a puzzle when Eames comes into his life: it's like the other mans picking him apart. Everything isn't as he's come to believe and he may be willing to try letting someone in. summry sucks.

Art Link: Untitled
Artist: androidiordna

Fic Title: Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
Author: chibi_lurrel
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6K
Warnings: -
Summary: Eames finds a pair of shoes that remind him so strongly of Arthur he has to buy them. It's a pair of knock-off Louboutins, and it turns out they're just the right size.

Art Link: The golden field
Artist: sickletongue

Fic Title: Parce qu'on sera ensemble.
Author: gothic
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,930
Warnings: Gentle mindfuck, maybe angst, general weirdness.
Summary: The problem with dreaming is that you never know if you're sleeping or dead.

Art Link: I Walk The Line
Artist: katy_romance

Fic Title: Play me and put me away
Author: mot_desprit
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, one-sided Arthur/Ariadne, Arthur/OFCs, Arthur/OMCs.
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 16,000
Warnings: Attempted non-con, semi-explicit sex, homophobia, misogyny, mature issues, language
Summary: College AU. Arthur has spent his life living up to his family's expectations. When Eames transfers to his college, Arthur begins to question the path laid out for him. But what is he supposed to do when coming out is unthinkable?

Art Link: Bit of a Tussle
Artist: froggie

Fic Title: Pulling Pigtails
Author: chosenfire28
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R for language
Word Count: 3,328
Warnings: Strong language, shameless fluff, teenagers
Summary:Eames pulls Arthur's metaphorical pigtails trying to get his attention, Arthur fights back. Boarding school AU.
Tags: masterpost, mod, round 1
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