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Fic: The Conversation

Art Prompt Title: Untitled
Art link: Art Master Post
Artist: geekbynight

Fic Title: The Conversation
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3400
Warnings: Choose not to warn

Summary: Contemporary AU in which Arthur goes through the nerve-wracking process of revealing himself and building a relationship with someone he meets through online dating.
Inception Arthur smile
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Fic: Contestant Satisfaction Survey

Art Prompt Title: Which Arthur is the real Arthur? There's only one way to find out.
Art link: Art Master Post
Artist: ko_no_yo

Fic Title: Contestant Satisfaction Survey
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3150
Warnings: None

Summary: Eames helps Arthur test out an experimental blend Somnacin. It has some unexpected dream effects.
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Round 7 Posting Template

Posting will begin February 11. Also new this year is an Inception Reverse Bang Collection on Ao3. Instructions on how to post the Ao3 collection at the bottom of this entry.

If an Artist has two Authors writing for a particular art piece, the Artist must make the Master Post to i_reversebang. If there is only one Author writing for a piece, the Artist and Author may decide amongst themselves who should make the Master Post.

When it is your posting date, you may post your story and art to your LJs/Dreamwidths/AO3 accounts. You will then link to the story and art in the masterpost to i_reversebang using following format:

For Example:
Art Prompt Title: Two Dudes and a Window
Art link: Art Master Post
Artist: keelain

First Claim
Fic Title: Two Dudes
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Gen
Rating: G
Word Count: 20
Warnings: None.

Summary: Why are these guys still standing in front of a window? Will the riddle ever be solved?

Second Claim
Fic Title: I saw the sun
Author: chibi_lurrel
Pairing(s): Dude/Dude
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3000
Warnings: None.

Summary: Two guys see the sun through the window and then decide to have sex in front of it. Fun is had.

Please keep Author/Artist notes, disclaimers, and other things to the actual fic/art posts. This will help prevent Master Posts in this community from getting too lengthy or cluttered. Every Master Post made to i_reversebang will be put in the moderation queue and reviewed before being allowed through. We (the mods) will not be able to read every fic that is posted.

Warnings: Please be conscientious about using appropriate warnings, which you may put under spoiler text. If you have questions about proper warnings to put on a fic, you may send an email to ireversebang @ gmail to discuss the issue.

Banners are allowed in the Master Post so long as they are work-safe and no larger than 400px in width and 350px in height.

Ao3 Inception Reverse Bang Collection: Here are instructions for how to include your story in the collection
1. Go to this URL:
2. Click on the button at the top right that says, "Post to Collection"
3. Fill out the fields. You can include a link to the artwork/fic.
4. I recommend Previewing the post to check for any typos or formatting issues.

Tags: Please tag all your Master Posts as 'masterpost' and 'round 6', and include all relevant tags from the following list:
no pairings/gen
pairing: ariadne/arthur
pairing: ariadne/cobb
pairing: ariadne/eames
pairing: ariadne/mal
pairing: ariadne/robert
pairing: ariadne/yusuf
pairing: arthur/cobb
pairing: arthur/eames
pairing: arthur/robert
pairing: cobb/mal
pairing: cobb/other
pairing: eames/mal
pairing: eames/robert
pairing: eames/yusuf
pairing: mal/other
pairing: nash/other
pairing: other
pairing: saito/other
pairing: threesome
rating: nc-17
rating: pg
rating: pg-13
rating: r

If you are writing a story with a pairing not included in the list, please comment and we will add it to the list of tags.
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Round 7: Posting Schedule

  • Posting begins on the February 11. It is up to each Artist/Author team to decide who will make the Master Post entry to i_reversebang. If a piece has two assigned Authors, the Artist must make the Master Post.

  • Please be conscientious about using appropriate warnings or indicate it is a Choose Not to Warn story. If you have questions about proper warnings to put on your fic, feel free to send an e-mail to ireversebang @ gmail to discuss the issue.

  • Every Master Post made to i_reversebang will be placed in a moderation queue and reviewed before being allowed through. However, please note that we (the mods) will not be able to read every fic in its entirety as it is posted.

  • Banners are permitted in the Master Post as long as they are work-safe and no larger than 400px in width and 350px in height.

  • All stories must have a minimum word count of 3000 words.

  • If you have any questions, please comment to this post or send us an e-mail,. We did our best to accommodate everyone's scheduling requests, but could not give everyone exactly what they wanted due to the time constraints.

DATE - Piece # - Artist - Author 1 & Author 2
2/11/2018 - 113 - ko_no_yo - bauble

2/12/2018 - 107 - beautifulweddin - eustacia_vye28?

2/13/2018 - 103 - somedrunkpirate - CoffeeWithConsequences

2/14/2018 - 201 - geekbynight - carissmatic

2/15/2018 - 202 - geekbynight - bauble

2/16/2018 - 106 - lkaet - sibilantly

2/17/2018 - 104 - kaminagi - eustacia_vye28?

2/18/2018 - 108 - joellen - deinvati

2/19/2018 - 111 - nesel - sagemb_amy

2/20/2018 - 205 - roseandthorns28 - redluna & brookebond

2/21/2018 - 102 - somedrunkpirate - katy_the_reader

2/22/2018 - 203 - marourin - freakykat

2/23/2018 - 105 - kaminagi - kore_rising sibilantly

2/24/2018 - 112 - ko-no-yo - dasyatidae

2/25/2018 - 204 - marourin - CoffeeWithConsequences

2/26/2018 - 110 - kedgeree11 - roseandthorns28

2/27/2018 - 101 - sagemb_amy - rex_dart

2/28/2018 - 114 - roseandthorns28 - bauble
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Posting Schedule Preferences

Authors, fill out the form stating your preferred weeks for posting. Posting will take place over the course of three weeks: February 11 - 17 (Week 1)
February 18 - 24 (Week 2)
February 25 - March 3 (Week 3)

You have until January 31 to fill out this form and have your preferences taken into account.

In the form, you may specify which weeks you would prefer to post in, or state that you have no preference. Bear in mind that everyone cannot post in Week 3, so please do not list that as your number one choice unless you have a solid reason for doing so.

Also, if you are writing two stories, please fill out the form twice. One time for when you'd like to post your first story, and a second time for when you'd like to post your second story.

Be sure to discuss this topic with your Artist(s), particularly if they will be making the Master Post for the piece to the i_reversebang community. If an Artist has two stories being written for a particular piece of their art, the Artist must make the Master Post to the community for that piece of art.

Here is the link to the form.

For both Artists and Authors:
If you don't think you will be able to complete your work by the posting period now is the time to let us know. So if you're swamped, please tell us as soon as possible so we may arrange a pinch hitter. Please send an email to ireversebang @ gmail.
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Story drafts due by Sunday, Jan 28

Story drafts must be emailed to ireversebang @ by end of day Sunday, January 28. If you are ready, you may email your drafts earlier.

The subject line should be this exact phrase: Story Draft Submission

This draft does not need to have been beta-read yet but it should be at least 3000 words OR at least 75% complete. You may paste your story into the body of the email or include it as an attachment.

Please copy the text below and paste it into the body of your email. Fill out all the fields as best you can.
Art Prompt Title:
Art Piece Number:
Fic Title:
Word Count:

Reminders: On February 4 the posting schedule will go up. During that week I will put up this year's Master Post template. If you would like to see a previous round's template, you can look here.

Sunday, January 28: Stories due
Sunday, February 4: Posting Schedule goes up

Sunday, February 11: Posting begins

On February 11, posting will begin at the rate of 1-2 stories a day.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment to this entry.
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Guidelines & advice for a happy, healthy Reverse Bang experience

Now that everyone has their claims, here is a list of suggestions for the rest of the challenge.

Purpose: This challenge is centered around the of collaboration between artists and authors to produce art and fic. Unlike traditional Big Bangs, however, the challenge focuses on the art first.

Every artist/author team dynamic will be different, just as they are in normal Big Bangs. Some teams will be more intense, with communication almost daily to create together. Other teams will be more casual, with only the occasional email as both parties work separately and come together at the end for a master post. There is no right or wrong way to handle this challenge, and we leave it to each artist/author team to figure out what works for them.

The only requirement we have is that both parties be civil and respectful towards each other during the process. This includes not making any public posts or comments expressing disappointment over the Art an Author claimed, or the Author(s) an Artist was claimed by. Please bear in mind the feelings of people who may read those posts and comments.

If there are problems between you and your artist/author, please try your best to work it out. If, however, they are being unresponsive or extremely uncooperative, you may send an email to the ireversebang gmail and we will do our best to help resolve the issue.

Guidelines: These are not all rules, per se, but guidelines we strongly suggest both artists and authors follow in order to allow this challenge to be as fun and positive an experience as possible for all parties involved.

For the Artists:
  • It is up to you how closely you wish the author to follow your vision for the art in their story. If you have a very specific vision that is fine, but bear in mind that most writers must be given at least a little room in order to produce their best work.
  • The only obligation that an Artist has is to finish the piece(s) of art that they submitted to the challenge. You may create more art for any/all of your prompts, but this optional. Please discuss your plans with your author and consider sending them drafts/completed pieces as you go.
  • No Author should pressure their Artist to create more art.
  • We leave it up to every artist/author team to decide who will post the master post to i_reversebang. If, however, an an Artist has a piece with two stories attached (two writers claimed it), then the stories should both be linked in the master post for that piece. Therefore, for the sake of convenience, the Artist should make the master post to the community.

For the Writers:
  • Be polite, respectful, and enthusiastic when working with your artist. They put work into this challenge, and they deserve your best efforts in return.
  • Discuss with your artist your plans for the story. You are not bound by what they say they want in the story, but try to take their thoughts and comments into account as you write.
  • Artists are free to create as much art as they want for their prompts. Therefore, there is the potential for them to create art that is directly related to the story you write; for this to happen, be sure to stay in contact with your artist and keep them apprised of updates in the story. But bear in mind that this is purely at the Artist's discretion, and at no point should an Author pressure their Artist for anything.
  • Once again, the minimum wordcount is 3,000 words, and stories must be beta-read.
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Author/Artist Matchups

Now that Claims have closed, we hope all the artists have made some sort of preliminary contact with their Author. Authors should also proactively reach out to their Artists if they have not been contacted yet. This can be via email (which should be listed in the claims posts), slack or DW/LJ direct message.

If, by the end of next week, the person you are working with still has not replied at all, please send an email to ireversebang @ gmail and we will discuss what to do. A Sign up post for Pinch Hitters will be coming in a few days.

The schedule and upcoming deadlines:
Friday, November 17: Author Check in
Friday, December 29: Author Check in
Sunday, January 28: Stories due
Sunday, February 4: Posting Schedule goes up

Sunday, February 11: Posting begins

Both check in periods will run for a week leading up to the listed deadline. Please do not be late.

Leave a comment to this entry if you do not see your name or piece # included, or there seems to be some other error.

Artist - Piece # - Author 1 | 2nd Author
sagemb_amy - 101 - rex_dart
Somedrunkpirate - 102 - katythereader | doubtingthieves
Somedrunkpirate - 103 - msbrightsidesh | coffeewithconsequences
kaminagi - 104 - eustacia_vye28
kaminagi - 105 - sibilantly | kore_rising
lkaet - 106 - oceaxe | sibilantly
joellen - 107 - eustacia_vye28
joellen - 108 - deinvati
jambees221b - 109 - doubtingthieves
kedgeree11 - 110 - roseandthorns28
nesel - 111 - sagemb_amy
ko-no-yo - 112 - dasyatidae
ko-no-yo - 113 - bauble
roseandthorns28 - 114 - ironmvnon
geekbynight - 201 - carissmatic
geekbynight - 202 - bauble
marourin - 203 - freakykat
marourin - 204 - coffeewithconsequences
roseandthorns28 - 205 - redluna | brookebond