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Guidelines & advice for a happy, healthy Reverse Bang experience

Now that everyone has their claims, here is a list of suggestions for the rest of the challenge.

Purpose: This challenge is centered around the of collaboration between artists and authors to produce art and fic. Unlike traditional Big Bangs, however, the challenge focuses on the art first.

Every artist/author team dynamic will be different, just as they are in normal Big Bangs. Some teams will be more intense, with communication almost daily to create together. Other teams will be more casual, with only the occasional email as both parties work separately and come together at the end for a master post. There is no right or wrong way to handle this challenge, and we leave it to each artist/author team to figure out what works for them.

The only requirement we have is that both parties be civil and respectful towards each other during the process. This includes not making any public posts or comments expressing disappointment over the Art an Author claimed, or the Author(s) an Artist was claimed by. Please bear in mind the feelings of people who may read those posts and comments.

If there are problems between you and your artist/author, please try your best to work it out. If, however, they are being unresponsive or extremely uncooperative, you may send an email to the ireversebang gmail and we will do our best to help resolve the issue.

Guidelines: These are not all rules, per se, but guidelines we strongly suggest both artists and authors follow in order to allow this challenge to be as fun and positive an experience as possible for all parties involved.

For the Artists:
  • It is up to you how closely you wish the author to follow your vision for the art in their story. If you have a very specific vision that is fine, but bear in mind that most writers must be given at least a little room in order to produce their best work.
  • The only obligation that an Artist has is to finish the piece(s) of art that they submitted to the challenge. You may create more art for any/all of your prompts, but this optional. Please discuss your plans with your author and consider sending them drafts/completed pieces as you go.
  • No Author should pressure their Artist to create more art.
  • We leave it up to every artist/author team to decide who will post the master post to i_reversebang. If, however, an an Artist has a piece with two stories attached (two writers claimed it), then the stories should both be linked in the master post for that piece. Therefore, for the sake of convenience, the Artist should make the master post to the community.

For the Writers:
  • Be polite, respectful, and enthusiastic when working with your artist. They put work into this challenge, and they deserve your best efforts in return.
  • Discuss with your artist your plans for the story. You are not bound by what they say they want in the story, but try to take their thoughts and comments into account as you write.
  • Artists are free to create as much art as they want for their prompts. Therefore, there is the potential for them to create art that is directly related to the story you write; for this to happen, be sure to stay in contact with your artist and keep them apprised of updates in the story. But bear in mind that this is purely at the Artist's discretion, and at no point should an Author pressure their Artist for anything.
  • Once again, the minimum wordcount is 3,000 words, and stories must be beta-read.
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