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Round 7 Posting Template

Posting will begin February 11. Also new this year is an Inception Reverse Bang Collection on Ao3. Instructions on how to post the Ao3 collection at the bottom of this entry.

If an Artist has two Authors writing for a particular art piece, the Artist must make the Master Post to i_reversebang. If there is only one Author writing for a piece, the Artist and Author may decide amongst themselves who should make the Master Post.

When it is your posting date, you may post your story and art to your LJs/Dreamwidths/AO3 accounts. You will then link to the story and art in the masterpost to i_reversebang using following format:

For Example:
Art Prompt Title: Two Dudes and a Window
Art link: Art Master Post
Artist: keelain

First Claim
Fic Title: Two Dudes
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Gen
Rating: G
Word Count: 20
Warnings: None.

Summary: Why are these guys still standing in front of a window? Will the riddle ever be solved?

Second Claim
Fic Title: I saw the sun
Author: chibi_lurrel
Pairing(s): Dude/Dude
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3000
Warnings: None.

Summary: Two guys see the sun through the window and then decide to have sex in front of it. Fun is had.

Please keep Author/Artist notes, disclaimers, and other things to the actual fic/art posts. This will help prevent Master Posts in this community from getting too lengthy or cluttered. Every Master Post made to i_reversebang will be put in the moderation queue and reviewed before being allowed through. We (the mods) will not be able to read every fic that is posted.

Warnings: Please be conscientious about using appropriate warnings, which you may put under spoiler text. If you have questions about proper warnings to put on a fic, you may send an email to ireversebang @ gmail to discuss the issue.

Banners are allowed in the Master Post so long as they are work-safe and no larger than 400px in width and 350px in height.

Ao3 Inception Reverse Bang Collection: Here are instructions for how to include your story in the collection
1. Go to this URL:
2. Click on the button at the top right that says, "Post to Collection"
3. Fill out the fields. You can include a link to the artwork/fic.
4. I recommend Previewing the post to check for any typos or formatting issues.

Tags: Please tag all your Master Posts as 'masterpost' and 'round 6', and include all relevant tags from the following list:
no pairings/gen
pairing: ariadne/arthur
pairing: ariadne/cobb
pairing: ariadne/eames
pairing: ariadne/mal
pairing: ariadne/robert
pairing: ariadne/yusuf
pairing: arthur/cobb
pairing: arthur/eames
pairing: arthur/robert
pairing: cobb/mal
pairing: cobb/other
pairing: eames/mal
pairing: eames/robert
pairing: eames/yusuf
pairing: mal/other
pairing: nash/other
pairing: other
pairing: saito/other
pairing: threesome
rating: nc-17
rating: pg
rating: pg-13
rating: r

If you are writing a story with a pairing not included in the list, please comment and we will add it to the list of tags.
Tags: mod, mod: rules, mod: submissions, round 7
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