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Round 4 Sign up post: Authors!

This is the post for people who would like to write fic for the Inception Reverse Bang.

Authors will be expected to write a fic with a minimum of 3,000 words, based on the art you choose in the Art Claims post. Claims will be first come, first serve.

Fics must be beta read. You may refer to our beta sign-up post to contact people who have volunteered to help out, or use your own betas (we will not be assigning betas in this challenge). inception_beta is another great resource for finding a beta.

Additional note: Due to the way art claims are set up, it would be difficult to ensure that an author would be familiar with an additional source of canon. In the interest of keeping things simple crossovers are not allowed in this challenge.

To sign up, simply fill out the form here.
If, due to privacy concerns relating to Google, you'd prefer not to sign up through the Google form, you may comment to this entry listing your LJ username and email address.

List of Participants so far: bauble, sibilantly, nozenfordaddy, jikeidannin, bookshop, chibi_lurrel, sweetbutterblis, siriusbutt, tuesdaeschild, riverlight, ohfreckle, rex_dart, c012v1n, lindenmae, immoral_crow, eustacia_vye28, the_ninth_bow, doreyg, truthismusic, bat_hawk, zoetrope13, barabby, yumduece, pinkysrambling, teardropfires, ofvanity, little_passions, eternalsojourn, vanillatiger, squishywitch, redxluna, 36_moons, sianii_writes, mrsdstephens, freakykat, citrinesunset, cs_whitewolf, realm_of_ylith, squilf, anne_jumps, skywalkerspock, kore_rising

Everyone who wishes to participate MUST join and watch the community, to ensure they do not miss important deadlines or updates to the challenge. Also recommended is the TRACKING feature (the pin icon in the tool bar) so you'll be emailed updates when new entries are posted in the community.
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