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Rules & How this all works

Generally: This is a reverse of the usual Big Bang challenge. An artist creates one or two pieces of art, which are posted anonymously and claimed by an author. Authors are then expected to write a short fic (minimum of 3,000 words) based on the art they chose.

Overview: Artist and Author are now open. Artists can submit one or pieces of art by Sunday, July 27. This may feature any pairing (or no pairing) so long as it includes at least one character from Inception. For this challenge, crossovers are not allowed. The art will be posted anonymously, at which point authors can claim a piece. Authors will write a fic (minimum of 3,000 words) based on the art they chose.

Monday, June 16: Artist and Author sign-ups open
Sunday, July 20: Artist Sign Ups close

Sunday, July 27: Artists’ works are due
Saturday, August 2: Art Claims
Saturday, August 9: The Big Reveal of Artist/Author Matchups

Friday, August 29: Author Check in
Friday, September 19: Author Check in
Sunday, October 19: Stories due
Sunday, October 26: Posting Schedule goes up

Saturday, November 1: Posting begins

Rules for Artists:
  • You should create at least one new piece of art: a drawing, painting, digital manip, fanvid or other (email the mods if you have any questions). Art must be at least 400 by 600 pixels in size, videos must be at least one minute in length. You must submit this piece by Sunday, July 27, and it may may be a work in progress, a draft, or a finished product. You may submit up to two pieces for this challenge.

  • You may not submit art for this challenge that has already been posted elsewhere.

  • This challenge is open to all pairings and genres, so long as it includes at least one character from Inception. Artists may choose to specify what pairings (if any) they envision in the story, as well as submit a short text description of their piece (optional).

  • We will have a post for Art Beta volunteers for artists to contact directly, but having your artwork looked over by a Beta is not required.

Rules for the Authors:
  • Authors must write a fic with a minimum of 3,000 words, based on the art you choose in the Art Claims post. Claims will be first come, first serve. Your fic must be related to the art for which it is written, and it cannot have been already posted elsewhere.

  • The fics must be beta read, and we will have a post for Fic Beta volunteers available for authors to contact directly.

Art Submission Guidelines:
Art submissions should be sent to the community mod email account ( by Sunday, July 27. Artists may submit up to two pieces of art for claiming in this challenge. There are no maximum size or dimensions for art, though each art piece must be at least 400 by 600 pixels. If it is a vid it must be at least 1 minute in length. Art that is submitted should not be posted publicly before claims take place.

Art submissions may be works in progress, drafts, or finished products. More details on the art submission process will be posted to the community, so please be sure to join and watch the community for updates.

The Claims Process:
Art claims will officially begin on Saturday, August 2, though the post will be up 24 hours beforehand so that writers may take a look at all the art before actual claiming starts. The claims post will contain thumbnail previews that link to the full size version of the art and will be accompanied by an optional text description of the subject. All art will be posted anonymously, and claims will be first come, first serve.

The Claims Post(s) will be members-locked, so please be sure to join and watch the community in order to participate. I'd also recommend setting up tracking by clicking on the 'Pin' icon in the lj toolbar to have email notifications sent to you every time there's a new post in the community.

If you have any questions, please comment here.
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